Meet the Team

  • Bruno Zuberbuhler CEO Bruno Zuberbuhler, MD, PhD, is a cataract and refractive surgeon and adj. professor in health informatics.
  • Jonas Bay Head of Software Engineering Jonas Bay leading the software development and is Data Protection Officer.
  • Katherine Brown Business and Marketing Advisor Katherine Brown brings over 20 years of experience to Zubisoft. She has worked for American Express and BSkyB.
  • Troy Norcross Strategic Advisor Troy Norcross is a Principal of SER, a leading digital strategy amd innovation consultancy.
  • Marcus Turle Legal Advisor Marcus Turle is director of M J Legal and a commercial lawyer with experience in technology and cyber security.
  • Ayodele Pompey Development & Statistics Ayodele Pompey is Head of Digital at Caribbean Examinations Council and Director of Marketing at Accela Group
  • Agnieszka Izbicka Design Agnieszka Izbicka is a creative designer. She has worked for large companies such as Tetra Pak.